Returning to Meat Head
by GriffinJay
Now that I've drawn Avatars to a close, I will devote all of my weekly comic updating to Meat Head. But before I start some more new strips I'm fixing up some of the things I didn't like about the old ones. The actual dialog, art, and content will not change. Mostly its the font and the speech balloon arrangement that I'll be adjusting. Today I uploaded a better version of the first strip. More to come next week.
Temporary Hold
by GriffinJay

It is with reluctance that I feel I must put Meat Head on hold for a short time until I have had a moment or two to write several strips ahead. I have some general plans for the entire series; four major story arcs each with at least 4 minor arcs within. However, the details have mostly been written on the fly. This current story that I have just started needs some more fine-tuning before I just dive in, so that the quality doesn't suffer.
Teaser: The guy in the last strip is called SlapChop and Meat Head will work closely with a returning character, Jenica "The Nark" Marino.

In the meantime, my other strip, Avatars ( will be getting weekly updates. That one I have gotten written several strips ahead and I hope you all follow and enjoy.

by GriffinJay

I'm glad to see that the activity on these pages spikes every time I update. I hope you all are enjoying this delightful Tick / Powdered Toast Man inspired superhero parody as much as I am enjoying writing it. I have a pretty complete plan for my main plot line and a fairly full list of characters for the future, but I find that it can be hard to progress the story and include a joke or gag in in every strip. I encourage you all to write comments, good or bad. I like feedback and I can take constructive criticism quite well, so please share your thoughts. If you have ideas or suggestions for plots or characters, I'm always interested to hear them. I like inspiring other people's creativity. I will always note credit where it is due if I use anything.

Mead Head Data Cards
by GriffinJay

I just uploaded the second Character Bio Card: Band-Aid Boy. It's probably obvious to a lot of super hero fans that I modeled the frame after the 1991 Marvel Universe collector cards. My brother and I had the whole set. Anyway, the cards I've produced here for the purpose of providing character background info appear chronologically among the regular strips when you click forward or back, but they are sorted into their own chapter in the archives. More to come. I will make cards for characters in the order they've appeared in the strip.

Quicker Updates!
by GriffinJay

Because I have removed one of my cartoons from my regular rotation, Meat Head will now be updated every two weeks instead of three. I will still be targetting Wednesdays. However, due to my addiction to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, I keep getting distracted.